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It's all a matter of presentation.

Have you ever tried to come up with THE perfect gift for your family, friends, bride to be, bridesmaids, etc, etc, etc?

You know.... the kind that keeps you searching until you finally end up placing your original idea in a bag and calling it a day?

Instead of trying to present the perfect gift, try thinking about the perfect gift presentation.

If you think about it, most bridal and baby shower recipients have already chosen their own gifts. And most of the time, family and friends adore opening practical gifts that they can really use.

The gifts inside this birthday box are both practical and useful... and yes I'm referring to these adorable margarita bottles!

Place chips, pretzels or other snacks inside a paper lunch bag and seal with a sticker for a fun, practical gift presentation. This bag of goodies wearing the title "cocktail snacks" looks quite important. Don't you agree?

A DYI birthday cake mix with a nod to the occasion, fits right in.

Who doesn't LOVE a scratch off card? Simply wrap your (very useful) gift card in a piece of beautiful tissue paper and embellish with a sticker wishing her good luck!

In my opinion, a special gift card deserves a special presentation. Inside this hot/ cold takeout container is a gift card to Dairy Queen! It doesn't get any SWEETER than that!

And after the party is over.... that's for you to decide.

Enjoy creating your perfect ( smile included) gift presentation!

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