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A little dreamy and oh so easy

Shoot the stars off in your own backyard. Don't look any further and you will see it's the stuff that dreams are made of

~ Carly Simon

This year we celebrated our daughter's birthday at home with a simple lunch menu and a family table dressed to honor the occasion!

Flowers and candles are always at the top of the list when is comes to creating a special atmosphere.

Faux flowers are.. well, very cooperative and stress free when the care or availability of fresh flowers may be too hard to manage.

These particular flowers were purchased well in advanced and they actually became the inspiration for the rest of the table design. The soft, dreamy colors in these arrangements made it quite easy to mix, match, add different patterns, as well as, complementary colors to complete the look.

And since these arrangements do not require water, they can be placed into any kind of container!

The flower containers used for this celebration were made from cardboard shipping tubes purchased at Michael's. You can find them here

Get creative and use your imagination when decorating this vase. Use spray paint in a color that compliments your place settings, write a message or rubber stamp a sentiment ( such as happy birthday or cheers!) around the container. There are so many fun, creative possibilities.

I chose to cover these containers with paper in a contrasting, but complimentary pattern.

Next, I simply (using a basic battery drill) drilled holes around the tube in a vertical line.

You can use any size drill bit you want. Fewer, larger holes will create more of a dramatic look, while drilling tiny holes will help create a softer look.

Scattering, as opposed to straight lines will create yet another design.

The point is to have fun with anything you decide!

After drilling holes through the cardboard, the opening edges looked slightly tattered and uneven.

So in order to tidy things up, I placed paper reinforcement stickers around each opening.

We celebrated the day before Easter, so small chocolates were placed in linen pouches and adorned with cute bunny tags.

The tags have an off white back round, so in order to incorporate them into the color palette, I simply dipped them ( for just a few seconds ) in a pan of water with several drops of green food dye.

Grand dogs are always a part of our celebrations! Various treats and doggie equipment items were placed in these adorable bags.

Now you might still be wondering why I drilled holes into the flower vases.

And the answer to that is because twinkle lights are always a good thing!

I used two sets of string lights in each vase.

Place the lights inside the containers and adjust in order to see the light shine through the holes.

Add the flowers and some peat moss, then weave some remaining lights around the arrangement.

Whether you are celebrating at home or another favorite spot, I hope you enjoy and embrace the moment because it's moments like these that dreams are made of.

Happy Celebrating!

With love,



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