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Sweet baby boy

"If I am thinking correctly," said Pooh," a new baby is probably, undoubtedly the grandest gift that could ever be"

Is there anything sweeter than a new baby? I think not, but celebrating the mother-to-be with family and friends does come very close. And if the mother-to-be you are celebrating, is your daughter and that sweet baby is your first grand baby boy, well there are no words to describe the excitement!

I started this baby shower design plan like every other plan, by asking the client (my daughter) what color palette she had in mind. Her answer was beautiful and simple. Light sage green mixed with a few soft complimentary colors.

Sage green is gorgeous on it's own, but by adding in shades of gray, along with various shades of green, especially light olive green, created the right mood for the design.

After the colors were chosen, a theme, focal point or jumping off point needed to be discovered.

And in most cases (as it happened with this design) that jumping off point seems to jump right in front of you when you need it.

With this adorable canvas print and a beautiful color palette, the rest of the plan just kept evolving.

Maylee the yorkie was very impressed.

Okay, she might have been more impressed with her treat bone, but I still think that she whole heartedly approved of the adorable Bronco print.

I think I might need to purchase a doggie tepee.

Yep, that's right she refused to leave.

Displaying gifts in an non traditional or creative way can add a fun element to your event.

Instead of wrapping a gift in a box, try placing small items in a basket or bucket that can also be use long after the party is over. This warm and weathered pine dresser helped to create the perfect display.

These sage green baby clothes from H&M were ( in my opinion ) way too cute to hide in a box, don't you agree?

Cardboard blocks from amazon were dressed for the occasion in various coordinating colors.

Of course my absolute favorite part of the design was this beautiful handcrafted botanical backdrop, along with an adorable play tepee, various (also handcrafted) trucks and VW bus props!

How adorable!

But the sweetest prop of all was this handcrafted sign....front and center on the backdrop.

Books are a very important part of childhood and are often given as a gift at a baby shower.

Instead of wrapping these childhood treasures in a box or bag, I chose to create book sleeves in matching colors and coordinating patterns. Now the books can be opened to peek inside without actually unwrapping. And by placing them on a small book shelf, they also became part of the design plan and shower display. Story time!

Light sage green covered containers, filled with an array of faux flowers and greenery, were the perfect combination (and maintenance free!) to create beautiful table centerpieces.

Votive candles placed in clear holders from Michaels added to the beautiful ambience

Coordinating signs filled the room to welcome and treat our family and friends.

Predictions and best wishes for the soon to be proud parents.

It was truly a wonderful celebration and to thank our guests for their kindness and generosity, sweet treats and a little bubbly for everyone!

Hersey nuggets wrapped in gold foil and custom labeled to say thank sweet

Baby Parker is almost here, pop the champagne to send some cheer!

Now we wait in such joyous anticipation for our sweet grandson's arrival.

A huge heartfelt thank you to those that celebrated with us!

And to Cassidy..Thank you for your help that day!!




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